camping & hiking

Combine base camps and day hikes to explore the Colorado Plateau.

Like other MNA Ventures, our camping and hiking trips focus on providing a quality educational experience in the outdoors. However, these programs combine base camps and moderate to strenuous day hikes to access the Plateau’s most intriguing places. Ranging in length from 4 to 7 days, these trips are suitable for those who are in good physical condition.

Our guides are not only the most knowledgeable and experienced educators in the business but

Camping & Hiking Trips

» Canyons and Landscapes of Cedar Mesa
» Canyon de Chelly & Canyon del Muerto

Unless otherwise noted, our trips include meals, transportation, and group gear; you only need to bring your personal gear. Best of all, we do all the planning and cooking, so you can enjoy yourself and focus on the learning experience.

Excerpt from “Finding the Patterns:
The Poet as Scientist”      

I’m sweeping around the bends of the canyon
like a raven banking from wall
to wall,

merging with his shadow, wheeling away;
like the ten year old I used to be, slaloming
down a brick street on a fat-tired bike,
pigtails flying.

Poem by Ann Weiler Walka