wilderness trips

Explore the Southwest’s most remote and spectacular areas.

Like other MNA Ventures, our wilderness trips focus on providing a quality educational experience in the outdoors. However, these trips explore regions that are inaccessible to all except those who travel by foot, boat, or bicycle. Wilderness camping is part of the experience. These expeditions last up to 6 days and vary widely in their level of difficulty, so be sure to check the descriptions to decide which is best for you.

Our guides are not only the most knowledgeable and experienced educators in the business, but they are also the most enthusiastic. Most importantly, they know how to present even the most complex concepts in a way that is accessible to all participants.

Wilderness Trips

Slickhorn Gulch Backpack
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Backpack
Escalante Backpack

Unless otherwise noted, our trips include meals, transportation, and group gear; you only need to bring your personal gear. We do all the planning and cooking, so you can enjoy yourself and focus on the learning experience.

The Glen

A cool ravel
of slick silken algae
flies buzzing

tadpoles nibbling dusky mud
ferns ebony-stemmed
and emerald

water dripping stirs
a slip of a wind shivers
the sparks of columbine

leaf and water are one thing
and wind and light
one thing breathing

Poem by Ann Weiler Walka