hotel-based trips

Discover the treasures of the Colorado Plateau in comfort.

ike other MNA Ventures, our hotel-based trips focus on providing a quality educational experience in the outdoors. However, these programs cater to those who want to learn about the Colorado Plateau’s natural history while enjoying some of the Southwest’s best accommodations and restaurants.

Easy-to-moderate day hikes are typical, so these trips are suitable for nearly everyone. And our guides are not only the most knowledgeable, experienced educators in the business, but they are also the most enthusiastic. Most importantly, they know how to present even the most complex concepts in a way that is accessible to all participants.

Hotel-Based Trips

» Canyonlands and Arches
» Exploring Escalante

Unless otherwise noted, all hotel-based Ventures include somemeals, transportation, and lodging. You only need to bring your personal gear.

Excerpt from “Local Knowledge”

Slip into a canyon choked with tamarisk
and deerflies; skirt the quicksand
left by the spring floods; ford
the muddy creek.

Stop at the first fork,
two cracks twisting into red sandstone;
no hints given.

Sit with your back
against a rock, seining
the down canyon winds for feathers,
pollen drifting, the breath
of foxes.     

Poem by Ann Weiler Walka